Farming - Bill 6

"Are you going to abolish Bill 6 and allow families to take control of their businesses again?"

Yes. I would abolish Bill 6 and ensure that we respect the incredibly hard work done by our farmers and our agri-food operations. This is another example of a huge new cost of doing business imposed on people in the agriculture and agri-food sector. If we want to diversify away from our relative dependence on oil and gas, one way we need to do so is by growing our agri-food businesses and more value added.

I'm proud of having participated in Stephen Harper's government when we scrapped the Wheat Board's monopoly, and so we hope that will result in farmers coming together and doing more value-added to manufacturing and so forth, but all of those operations are made more expensive by Bill 6. I would certainly, if I'm around in the next government, repeal it.